Monday, September 3, 2012

What did you just say??

My children continue to surprise me. Mika less than Kai - as is to be expected with child number 2 versus child number 1. Mika is making wonderfully on time progress - walking, starting to say a few words, communicating likes & dislikes, imitating...she's entering the incredibly fun phase that starts at 1, and if Kai is any indication, has no end in sight.

Mika does have an immense amount of sass. She bites. Then pretends to be sorry, then smirks, giggles, and bites again. She growls. At everything and everyone - it's a happy growl, but nevetheless she growls. She says the word 'hi' with more breathy enthusiasm than anyone I've ever met (or ever hope to). She thinks every animal is an elephant, and makes an amazing elephant noise - at every animal she sees. She adores her big brother, and is irritated by all of the amazingness he can accomplish that she just can't. She adores her daddy, and cries almost every morning when he leaves for work. She is completely comfortable with strangers, and will literally go to anyone without a second thought. She eats 2%veggies, 2% fruit, 2% protein, 4% dairy, and 90% do I, so I'm not holding it against her, though I do hope it's a phase (for both of us).

Kai...well, Kai is another story. The amount of sass that comes out of that boys mouth is amazing. He's incredibly intelligent, A LOT of fun, and generally a good kid. But sassy. And manipulative. I anticipated this out of my teenage Mika, but not toddler Kai. I'm learning every day how to be a better parent, usually through a series of tears, being flabbergasted, and experimentation...I think we're making progress. But, for your sake, and for the hope that the things causing so many tears and frustration can bring joy to others - here are some Kai anecdotes.

Conversation almost every time I tell him no:
Me: "Kai, I'm sorry, you can't do that. The answer is no."
Kai: "No, mama. De ansah is yesdt."(this is said in a variety of pitches, postures, and repetitions depending on the severity of the perceived loss)

Nap time battle:
Me: "Kai, it's nap time. During nap time - we sleep. This is not time for anything else. Just sleeping. Now, you need to march your little behind back to your room, get in bed, and take a nap. It is nap time, and during nap time we nap."
Kai: eye-rolling that lands on me with an obvious attempt at apathy and disinterest
Me: "Kai Michael, what did I just say to you?"
Kai: "um, plobably, you say dat it's time tdo wate up and no mo nap time"
Me: "Kai, you heard me. Now, it's your choice - do you want a nap or a spanking?"
Kai: (same eye-rolling, exasperated sigh, lip pursing) "um, plolly....plolly...a nap."

Afternoon washing dishes - Kai comes running in, naked
Me: "hey - where are you clothes?"
Kai: "oh, um, de are tumming. Um, mama, tan I please have tidodo (kidogo - swahili for a little bit) chai?"
Me: "yeah, kidogo, after you put your clothes on"
Kai: running out of the room, then running back in "Oh, and mama, tidodo chai for papa, too." (every time he says kidogo, he holds his thumb and forefinger up indicating just a little bit. Every time.)
Me: "ok, I'll make a cup for papa too."
Kai: runs out of the room, and immediately back in "Oh, and mama. Um....papa wants some sweeties."
Me: "Really? Sweeties? What kind of sweeties?"
Kai "Oh, um, plobably banana bread. And chips."
Me: "ok, I'll check with papa"

*** the conversation Kai THEN had with Chris (they had apparently never discussed snacks previous to this)
Kai: "Oh, hey papa, dess what? Mama is mating me tidodo chai!"
Chris "Oh wow, that's awesome, buddy!"
Kai: "yeah, and mama is also mating us some sweeties...bananas and chips"

I digress....

My son is a sassy pants. He's also many more wonderful things, and even the sass is wonderful - we're just working on pointing it in the right direction. So for now, while I stumble my way through parenting these high spirited little people, I'll try and share more of their stories with you...


  1. What's up with the word "probably"? Jude, my almost-three-year old, says it ALL the time--and usually in the form of a question:

    "I should get some ice cream probably?"

    "Oh, we should watch a video probably?"

    And while I don't feel happy for you that you are experiencing Kai's sass (entertaining though it may be), I have to say that it makes me feel a wee bit better to hear about someone else going through what I'm going through, too. God love 'em, they can be a handful...


    1. Lorilin,

      That's funny Jude says 'probably' too! Maybe it's their way of trying not to sound too bossy? Wishful thinking?

      I'm glad my retelling of Kai's sass helped you know other moms are going through it too. I've been told through quite a few moms with older kids that 3 is actually the roughest year, not 2. we go!!!

  2. Love it! And Caleb's biggest asks are for chai and sweeties too(though kidogo is usually not enough. We're talking kubwa over here). Such little Kenyans we're raising....

    1. Thanks Kim! I loved reading your blog yesterday, too. Such little Kenyans :) Glad to hear Caleb is picking up on Kenyan humour, Kai's still not gettin it...maybe Mika has a better chance!


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