Monday, October 24, 2011

Through Kai's Eyes: Part 1

Hi everyone!

Mom told me she was a little busy & tired from the past couple weeks of moving so I told her I would take the next blog post responsibility.

I know my parents have been really busy with the move, and Mika is busy with...well, I have absolutely no idea what you call what she does - sitting on her behind? BUT I have been incredibly productive the past couple weeks, and from my perspective, have only added significantly to the well being of everyone and everything around me.

I've learned some great new skills which I am sure make my mom & dads lives easier and I do my best to utilize these new skills as often as possible.

Examples of my great new skills:

1. I can flush the toilet. And so I do. A lot. No one else seems to understand that if you flush enough times, the water is clean enough to play in, and maybe even drink. No need for a Brita filter or a cup - they can be packed in advance.

2. I am technologically competent. Skills include turning computers & cell phones on & off, calling the police (very useful), quitting 'important' computer programs unexpectedly, & daddy's favorite (judged by the big response I get every time): I can pick up the computer!

3. I am learning how to drive a car - phase 1 complete: I can put the key in the ignition and turn on all the lights, wipers, & alarm. In the rare situation I am in a Prius, I can even turn on the car.

4. I can help with Mika - I give her her pacifier, cover her up with blankets (mom always uses little ones, I find the bigger the better - then I can cover up all  of her, face included), feed her my lunch, and yell loudly when she cries so mom knows something is wrong. I'm like a mobile baby monitor.

5. I can pack & unpack. Enough said; though I think mom & I have different systems. We're still working out the kinks in our communication.

There are many more great skills I've picked up - but I don't want to brag...I'll just assure you I'm pretty advanced, in my own opinion.

While I have developed quite a few skills in the recent weeks, I admit I'm a bit overwhelmed by how busy everyone else is & by how much everything is changing - can't find my toys, or my furniture, or sometimes my mom. I'm managing though, and have a feeling everything is still ok.

I need to go take a nap (according to mom...whah, whah, whah) so here are a few pictures to show you some things I did over the past few weeks!


Listened to Mika's secrets

Built towers

Scarface - injury of the week

Ate some bubbles
Took one more stroll through my stomping grounds

Wondered if my coffee intake is stunting my growth

Got to know the lady mannequins at the store
Ate meals at my new kitchen table

Drove my stuff to NorCal

Mom will pick this up again soon - but I'm sure I'll be back later with another update from me! They'll be labeled 'Through Kai's Eyes' - catchy, huh? Bye for now!


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