Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Um....this looks different...

So, I've revamped the blog. AGAIN. Sorry.

Since we moved to Nairobi, I've had a hard time knowing exactly what the purpose of this blog was - it turned into part journal, part mommy-blog, part public display of existential crises. SO - in an effort to make it more enjoyable for us all, I decided to compartmentalize the blog just a little bit.

My kitchen is available for your viewing. Ok, not literally the kitchen itself, but some of the recipes that come out of it. I'd love to put up a new recipe a week - but we'll see if that happens. If you want to request a specific recipe, feel free to leave a comment on Allsarahsrecipes and I'll do my best to acquiesce your request.

Now, my kids are available for your compartmentalized viewing as well. I think many of my readers come to my blog hoping for pics and updates of the little dears, so now you can just go to The Ultimate Mommy Blog (sarcastically named, of course) for your viewing pleasure. May my children bring you as much laughter and joy as they do me - and not nearly as many tears and pain :)

Allsarahdoes will remain, but it is now a place where I'll recount what we've been up to and where I put my contemplative, note-worthy thoughts. Ok, you can decide if they are note-worthy; but you get the idea of the intended content. If I'm able to keep up with the mommy blog, and feel like I'm also generating enough content on Allsarahdoes, I'll organize it a bit further too. That remains to be seen.

I'd love your feedback - if you love or hate the new look, if you'd like something more or less featured.

Thanks for all your patience with the recent blog turbulence - clear skies ahead. Happy reading.

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