Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Through Kai's Eyes: Part 2

Hi everyone!

Mom told me I have to write again, and even though I am incredibly busy these days - I decided to obey. Obey is my new word this month - mom says it A LOT...I totally get what it means, I just consider it optional and she apparently does not.

Anyway, besides my obedience 'struggle' I'm having a great time in Kenya. I'll be honest, it was a pretty big adjustment - it's light here at night time, and dark during the day...at least that's what I thought at first. I think the day is just flipped upside down here or something - the good thing is it starts getting light at 5:30 in the morning so I can get up then. So much fun to be had!

1am family movie time - Toy Story 2 + cookies + milk
I have met a lot of new people and they are all really nice - I still haven't made any friends my age, but I have a great friend named Scola, and another one named Augustine. I hang out with them a lot while mom is out running errands (what does that mean anyway?) and they are both super nice. They are teaching me Swahili - I know how to say 'kwaheri' and 'tuto o nana' which mean 'bye' and 'see you later'

Scola & me at Kokoo & Babu's house
A couple things I have learned - in addition to every person I saw in America, every person I see in Kenya thinks I'm pretty cute too...I get such big smiles when I use my Swahili! I'm quite sure I've already stolen quite a few Kenyan hearts.

The other awesome part of living here is the driving! There are so many big trucks, and they get so close to our car, and mommy honks ALL the time - it is awesome. There are also so many bumps and I go up & down in my car seat - roads in America were boring & I always fell asleep. Not here!

On another note - I hate going shopping with mom here. She takes so long, and is really tense when we're shopping. It's like she has no idea what she's doing. It looks pretty simple to me - pick up the coolest things, and leave. Oh well, she'll figure it out. I just hope she leaves me home while she does.

We found a new home - mom said I should tell you all but I am still confused as to what/where our new home is. Mom said to tell you it's an apartment, 1st floor (I am super disappointed I can't spend hours going up the stairs when we get home from being out & about - I need the practice), 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms (so many toilets to flush!!!), a laundry room, and a nice big porch I can hang out on & watch the parking lot. I guess we're staying at Kokoo (sounds like cocoa) & Babu's house (mom's parents) for a while longer but that's fine with me - I'm starting to like it here.

Mika is learning to smile!
Dad is gone a lot. Mom says he's at work, but he used to work from our house so I guess that's different now and I don't really like it. He's usually gone when I first wake up, and gets home when I'm going to bed. I miss him a lot - mom says it will be better when we move to our new home because it's a lot closer to his work so he doesn't have to commute (?) for 2 hours each way. I hope she's right because he is crazy fun, mom is more um, normal fun.

Bellybuttons are awesome

Mika is bigger - but she still sleeps a lot and I figured out what she's really useful for: if mom & dad are not paying enough attention to me, I just hit her, make her cry, and then they both come running. Mika is incredibly useful...she's like my version of a waiter bell. Awesome.

Mom says we need to leave soon - we're going to have dinner with some new friends (mom wrote about them in her last blog I think).

Here is a picture of me & Mika in the past couple days - mom says people like to see how much we're growing.  Enjoy & talk to you soon!


  1. This is awesome :) Many blessings as you get re-adjusted to Kenyan life!

  2. love the perspective of your journey via his eyes. He is def a character and will be excited to see both your kids grow. i was cracking up at him not wanting to leave the stairs, i have seen his love for them so many times. Belly button pic = epic.


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