Monday, November 7, 2011

A Picture Entry

Here is a picture account of our journey from CA to Nairobi & a few from our beginning time here - enjoy!
All loaded up at the Odell home - absolutely 'chalkered' (as they say in London). It means full - like chalk full

Little does he know how much he'll be in that carseat for the next 52 hours...

Quick stop for Mika to meet her great grandpa Ray - she liked him
Kai taking in lovely London from the window of the Heathrow Express

The boys at Paddington station in central London
Hangover 3. Just kidding.

Note in small print 'Great British Food' - never heard of that.

Elmo for another solid win

baby dj
1 car ride + 2 flights + 1 day in London + 2 hours in Visa lines + 1 hr collecting luggage = we made it = sigh of relief
Mika's daily hobby & my daily sanity
"I wish he'd just leave me alone!"
"Look! A lizard!"

So, there you go! Really hope you enjoyed the pics - I'll keep 'em coming. We're starting to get out a bit more; driving always an adventure but I think my heart rate is starting to remain pretty close to normal on a more regular basis.

We're still waiting to meet new people, but have reconnected with quite a few family friends - which has been wonderful. We're looking forward to making some new friends too - especially ones with young kids.

My babies are sleeping so I'm going to have a quiet cup of tea! More to come soon


  1. So glad you guys are safe and so proud of you guys for making that trip with two little ones! Miss you guys!

    PS I love that My Utmost for His Highest is in some of these pictures with the kiddos :)

  2. WHew... that made me tired just thinking about all that travel with the little one.


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