Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Newsy Update & Sushi Night

 Mika says hi!! We affectionately, and potentially offensively, nick-named her 'baby borris' on our last camping trip. She was quite warm, and the mosquitos only had minimum access to he sweet, sweet skin.

Our past week has been a pretty good one - I've been continuing to adjust and come to terms with some of the external changes in my life. I thought I learned about self-sacrifice when I got married, then I thought I learned about self-sacrifice when I had children. Now - having moved around the world, and having given up my career pursuits for the time being, I find myself learning more about self-sacrifice than ever before. I'm learning about humility, and I'm still figuring out how much I can die to myself before 'myself' actually 'dies'. Really would like to avoid ending up as a shell.

All that to say - we've been keeping busy, enjoying time around the house, and getting out and about just a bit. Chris is really enjoying the work he is doing, and while routines are still being set, we see great progress being made and are excited as a family for all the great work he can be a part of with his organization. We had a very nice dinner several weeks ago with several people of varying positions from his organization.  We also attended a work party the following week & had a nice time socializing with some of the organization's personnel from various parts of Africa. So many talented, intelligent, and welcoming people.

Chris's boss also joined us for dinner last night, and despite it being a bit less organized than I would have liked due to scheduling inevitabilites and my kiddos bedtimes, we still enjoyed having her here. The kids especially enjoyed her love and attention.

The kids and I are moving from 'coping' with Chris being gone for the majority of the week to 'thriving'. Ok, maybe 'thriving' is generous but we are definitely 'happily proceeding'. We're working more on fun projects around the house, gardening, painting, etc.

Kai is fantastic - lots of energy, lots of bruises. Scola said today "mama kai, everytime I bring Kai back inside I think he has another scrape on his legs..." I assured her he is just a boy, and it's not a problem. He is learning his shapes and colors, and is overall a very good boy. He bit Mika today as she woke up from her nap, but readily admitted it: "tai bit mita...tai did it...so-wee mita". So, we proceed.

Mika is a gem - just a gem. She continues to laugh, put herself to sleep, eat with the skill of a 6mo old, and entertain herself for extended amounts of time. If I didn't have Kai as my first baby, I would be ready to have 3 more kids with the mistaken assumption all babies are 'mika babies'.

There isn't a whole lot of serious musing to do right now. I thought you'd all just enjoy a brief update (very missionary of me, I know, what can I say? The parents rubbed off on me, I guess). I've also included quite a few pictures for your viewing pleasure, and to the potential dismay of some of those in the photos.

On a side note - you may have noticed, or should notice, a few changes to my overall blog. The content is still the same, I just changed the design of it a bit. I also added links to my twitter & pinterest accounts should you feel so inclined to 'follow' me on either. I also added a link to 'allsarahskitchen' - I have a new segment to the blog that will focus on recipes & things from the kitchen. You can view it either by clicking on the link on this page or by going to www.allsarahskitchen.blogspot.com. There's currently not much there, but it's coming!

By the way, if you have a minute - I'd love to know what types of postings you enjoy the most so I can continue to send them your way :)

Enjoy the pics!

somebody took my pants. I'm sad, and slightly embarrassed...

See? Right there. Can you help me? and please stop taking pictures.

"you think I'm sleeping, mom, but I heard you call me fat."

Cookie? what cookie? I don't have a cookie.

Open up Mika! I've got this one down

Help, I need an adult.

Kai & his new friend, Mika, drinking yogurt. (for some unknown reason, I brought over 6 snack traps)

The sushi rolling squad gets down to business!
Sushi night at the parent's house!

It looks so yummy! We rolled over 40 rolls...

Sake for all - from the biggest bottle of sake I've ever seen. Thank you random Korean market next to my apartment.

High school friends, college friends, co-workers, friends of friends

High school friends, new friends, & friends of friends

high school friends, parent's friends (chaperones?), new friends
 So - there you have it. Obviously, we've met quite a few people, or reconnected with old ones. We're definitely starting to feel more 'at home' here, and are loving the new relationships we're building with some pretty amazing people!

Until next time,

xo - sarah
Perfect  outdoor finish to a fantastic night!

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