Thursday, December 22, 2011

Through Kai's Eyes Pt 3 - Camping

I think I like it here..

So, it’s been awhile, and I have so much to tell you – which is why it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’ve been busy. I continue to be exceptional at most things I do, and my parents have even found a few friends who think as highly of me as I do – they’re wonderful.

I have a new friend, his name is Ndemi (like Demi, but start to say the ‘d’ like you’re going to say ‘n’). He lives in the same apartment block as we do, and is a bit older than me. He doesn’t talk much. Ok, he doesn’t really talk at all, but I kinda like it that way. I’m not really a talker with people my age either. Ndemi and I just hang out, play with our toys, and sometimes help my mom with projects (hanging laundry, shelling beans, watching Mika). Ndemi thinks our house is his and really just walks in all the time – mom kicks him out sometimes…something about him needing to knock before he walks in on her nursing Mika, but I like it when he comes.

Ndemi & me helping mama snap green beans for supper.
In other news, we went camping and it was awesome! We went on a great hike through this gorge formed from natural hot springs – there were some tough climbing spots but mom & dad did great carrying/wearing Mika and me. There was one tricky part where we had to climb down near a little ‘waterfall’ (12ft), Mika got passed down from person to person but I just stayed on dad’s back and we made it fine! It was super fun, and super pretty. 

Me & papa! Go Kelty kid carrier!

The 12ft drop, they passed Mika down to mama who was half way, and she passed Mika down to our friend at the bottom. Success!

The gorge we hiked through...that little brown spot across in the distance is where the next picture was taken

After our hike, we went for a drive – oh, I’m sorry…I drove
Yeah, I did. See, I have a photo to prove it.

I can drive!!!
I wish I was still driving...
I also have a photo to prove I got a time out in the car. My mother gave me a time out in the car – she said I was being unsafe because I didn’t want to sit on her lap & gave me a time out…oddly enough not on her lap. Oh well, I guess I got the point.

My nose, in the corner of the car - and yes, my mother is taking a picture while also disciplining me.
I was able to get out of the car and go chase some giraffe & zebra too. I told mama I was gonna “hit it” but she said we don’t hit giraffes…not sure why not, but I obeyed, didn’t want another time out, you know? Mika stayed in the car, but she had a great time too. See?

Mama says to tell you it's not 'photoshopped' - they really were that close.
Mika stayed in the car, but she had so much fun!

After that we went to our campsite & set up our tents – Mika supervised. 
Looks like Mika's directing traffic...

After the sun went down, the hippos came out of the lake and were super close to us. We were separated from them by a ditch & a little electric fence so mama said we all “felt safe” (didn’t know we needed to worry…). The hippos just ate their grass, but they were pretty close – maybe 30 ft away and we could’ve gotten closer.
The view from our much space to run & play!
The next morning, I got to see monkeys up close. I mean, really up close. 

Mama told me I could hit them as long as they were smaller than me. I think she was still mad one was going to take her banana. She sure showed that monkey though! 
Please note the banana in mama's left hand, and the ball in her right...she did throw the ball, and hit the monkey.                      It was awesome.

Anyway, me and monkeys got along just fine – we’re thinking about buying a boat, we just have to check it out a bit more first. 

"what do you think Sal? Will it float?"
So – that was camping & it was awesome. We’re going again after Christmas, which will also be awesome.

In other news:

I go potty like a big boy!!! I still can’t take off my own pants, or put them on (I think this will be an advantage later on…) but I can definitely go potty all by myself. Because of my inability to put on my own pants, mom just lets me run around naked most of the time….I am planning on not learning how to pull my pants up or down, because I love being naked. Love it.

I also am learning how to use toilet paper the right way – to wipe my behind; I even try to help mama change my own messy diapers, which she seems a bit flustered by. Today I also tried to help mama use toilet paper the right way when she was done going to the bathroom but she said she didn’t need my help…whatever. I explained myself pretty clearly “Kai mama boobey u” (note from Sarah: I refer to Kai’s behind as his booty boo).

Um, family updates: 

Mika is awesome. We have so much fun together, I love to hold her, to give her her pacifier, and to make her laugh. Sometimes, mama lets me help with Mika or asks me to make Mika happy when mama is busy – I love to help with Mika. She’s rolled over a few times, she’s starting to laugh, and she is crazy, I mean crazy about solid foods.
Mika's first time eating! When she eats, she's a mess. I mean a giant mess.

Mama also talks about Mika making her melt, or something…I don’t know, it’s always in reference to how much Mika likes to cuddle. 

Mika's auditioning for a model gig...ok, not really but what a good lookin' sister!
Papa is home for the next 2 weeks, which I don’t really comprehend yet, but mama seems happy and I love having papa around. We play on my bunk bed, and he lets me get a lot more messy than mama does.

Mama is good – we go on play dates a lot with other kids. They all talk funny…but I’m learning to understand them. I can now count to 10 in three different languages – I’m told that’s “impressive”. I just think it’s useful for getting attention.

Scola is great, I’m pretty sure she’s only here to play with me…we play so much together, and a lot of times mama just leaves me with Scola all morning – I love it. Scola can play play play! She also sings to me a lot, which I really like.

Well, I need to scoot – mama says I’m still bad at sleeping because I’m too tired…so I’m going to bed. I hope you guys enjoy the update! 

Best look of the day...who said I have big cheeks?

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