Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life Changes

Well...it seems all Sarah does these days is procrastinate in writing her blog!

The past month has been excusably busy - Mikaela Grace Odell was born on Sept 9, 2011 weighing in at a gorgeous 7.1lbs & measuring 20in long. 

She has been an AMAZING baby - sleeping & eating like a little 7lb champ and responding beautifully to her big brother's enthusiasm.

 Kai has adjusted to all of the changes quite well - after some initial shock, he's decided he likes Mika. He is quick to run to take care of her when he hears her cry - a few days ago I walked into our room to respond to Mika crying and found Kai already sitting next to her bed, pushing a pacifier towards her mouth saying "num, num, num". He's am amazing big brother, albeit clumsy. No major casualties yet!

Mika continues to spend most of her time sleeping and eating but already shows an amazingly sweet temper - bouncing back quickly when Kai accidentally bonks her head with a book or sits on her. She is also starting to smile in recognition of specific people, and is more and more aware of what is around her. She brings a definite slowness and sweetness to this otherwise chaotic time of life.

We are currently in the final stages of our moving process - with a departure date from LA officially set for the 22nd of Oct, and a departure date from the US set officially for Nov 1st. We'll be relieved once we actually put the last box in the truck and even more relieved once we stow our last piece of luggage in an overhead compartment!

I'll do my best to write a couple more blogs before the 22nd - hopefully some that are a bit more reflective on this time of 'endings'. But for now, I'll leave with a few pictures from our last month! Please visit the blog again soon - I'll be better at updating it as our life gets into more of a routine!

Auntie Rachel came for a surprise visit!

Kais Recent Going Ons:
Learning to drink from the kitchen sink

Playing with baby Mika

Supervising Mika's progress
Fighting the rose bush - and losing

learning about disguises - thank you Elmo!
Learning about big & small

The Expanded & Revised Odells

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  1. You guys are seriously the cutest little family ever! And Mika is gorgeous! I hope we get to see you guys when you are up north! Miss you all!


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