Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We are officially (pending safe arrival of baby #2) moving! After multiple job interviews and lots of decision making, Chris landed a job in Nairobi, Kenya. We're pretty excited to be moving and have already started many of the common moving 'to do's'. Baby #2 is due mid-September, but she's sure trying hard to come sooner! After 3 trips to the hospital with pre-term labor, she seems to have settled down for the past couple weeks. One more week and she's full term - ready to go! Assuming all goes well, we'll leave from Sacramento within the first couple days of November.

So, with all the changes I decided it was time to make a couple changes to my blog. It will be a conglomeration of thoughts, general happenings, recommendations, stories, and hopefully a good amount of photos. We know it will be very important for people to still receive personal updates from us, but this will hopefully be a great way for everyone to keep up to date with our day to day.

No commitments on frequency of blog posts, but I'll shoot for at least one a week. I'll also attempt to put together a section of blogs re: mothering as I've had a couple people ask for thoughts on potty training/cloth diapers/discipline(eek!)/juggling responsibilities. No guarantees on quality or quantity but I'll do my best :)

For now, here are a couple pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy & I'll keep more coming!

Date night at Cha Cha Chili's in LA

 Kai's most recent creation - watch out kindergarten!

 Kai meeting his cousin Jennifer Zoe Hubbell

 Kai at Eaton Canyon 

Kai loves yogurt!

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